Damion Suomi covers “Hard To Be” by David Bazan

Since I’m the youngest adult in the family, my responsibility yesterday around 4pm was to keep an eye on all the purses and charging phones in a lobby while my Mom, aunts, and uncles were in with a specialist talking about our favorite patient. The irony of having to sit still there, when the whole point of everyone gathering in this place was about living, made me restless. So much so, that within the hour I got in my car and drove a couple hundred miles south on the interstate.

A few hours later, I was in a sleepy and kitschy beach town where my old friend Damion was playing a gig. He sang, we talked, I listened and got all the advice I needed to turn a heavy heart hopeful. How can some people have the best advice of all time and I still do things like forget where I put my keys every morning?

Anyways, through the course of conversation I was reminded of this video. It’s a cover and the perspective behind it (explained in the intro) couldn’t ring more true. (For just the song, go to 2:05). Damion gets it and he is talented… his original stuff is available everywhere. A sweet video of his song “Ghost” is here.